Translated as North Wall, it's the largest outpost for
rock climbers in the north of Russia, St. Petersburg
Climbing Gym
Massive 17-meter wall
It is as tall as one-pitch routes in real mountains. The climbing area is spacious too. 2500 m² is half the size of an American football field.
More than 100 routes
Varying in difficulty from 5a to 8c+. Top-rope and leading, verticals and incline. Single-colored holds per route.
For power climbers who don't want to learn the ropes or just like it alone. There is a hell of a view from the upstairs level.
Speed climbing
For those who're into the Olympics, there's an IFSC-certified wall to rehearse for Tokyo 2020 speed climbing races. You can try it too!
8c+ is 5.14c or XI-
See the full chart at wiki
Russia is a country of an impressive scale and so to speak about Severnaya Stena — you gotta see it yourself
Doors are open from 8:00 am till 11:30 pm
Tip for hardcore climbers: come early and stay all day!

Equipment rental
Don't worry if you don't have your stuff with you, take ours — all in mint condition.
We've got climbing shoes, chalk bags, harnesses, gri-gris, ropes and towels.

Everything above the ground is to challenge you,
but the rest is for your comfort

About the gym
We opened in 2018. It's a new place, constructed with great care and precision by a team of experienced builders and rock climbers. Severnaya Stena conforms to all competition standards, and it's ready to host world championships, including speed climbing.

We offer everything you need to find your way to the top and to recover afterwards:
• Changing rooms with lockers and showers
• Warm-up and chill-out areas
• Cafe with drinks, energy bars, etc.

The gym suits any level of experience from the first-time comers to champions. Kids and adults are welcome. Climb with a friend, alone or with a coach. Safety instructors are always supervising climbers to prevent any injuries.
Take a 7-min walk from the Bukharestskaya metro station.

Head NW on Salova St. and turn right after you pass a gray building with a parking lot. You'll see a yellow building with tall windows on the right — that's it!
Same directions by car. Tell "Na skalodrom" to get free parking.

10 K2E, Fuchika St.
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Call us at +7 812 779 1515 anytime. We speak English!
How to find us
Link to Google Street View
We take care of your hands
Most of the climbing holds are sculpted by our in-house rock climbing experts. With various sizes and shapes, we provide end-to-end quality control for your climbing experience.

Unique manufacturing technology helps us create a firm contact surface for all grip types, which increases safety. The holds are more durable and reliable... and brighter!

Want to build your own wall for workouts? Buy hold sets from us.
Find more at
See you at Severnaya Stena!
Like in any climbing gym in the world, you'll always find a great company here. The only difference is that a larger place can accommodate more good people at once!
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